About Myself

Who am I


I'm Radion Barakov as you might have guessed, 23 - not a CEO or a founder yet so stay tuned for updates on that.

I like to find simple, quick and lasting solutions for problems.

After living in different countries I've noticed an influence on my mindset, I believe the outcome made it more mature and open.

I'm pentalingual, Russian-Hebrew-English-German-Dutch (Work in Progress) and because of that a bit of a grammar savvy.

Punctual, can be quiet or chatty and got butt-kicking Krav-Maga skills.

My career

After graduating with a diploma in IT, I started my career as a Backup-Administrator until most of our department got dismissed.

So I found a new job as a Jr.System-Engineer (Windows) but my time there was relatively short.

Now I work in IT as a Consultant - getting EXP points in Cloud, Automation and Management (That part mostly to an awesome colleague).

Those are the highlights, detailed information is on LinkedIn and a more detailed one on my CV Page.

My passion

I like moving things forward, plan progress and follow the steps for success whether it's for myself, others  or work related - seeing the outcome after looking back at where you started is a great encouragement!

Gaming is a way of clearing my mind after a long tiring day - if time allows.

Blockchain, Psychology, History and Technological Innovations are my main interests, I can chat about that for quite a while so I got that going for me, which is nice.