Autobiographical CV - ABCV.

Gaissbauer EDV - IT Intern

During my study I had to find an Internship because it was mandatory for my Diploma.

I got a contact list with firms approved by my College and got in touch with one person from the list.

His name is Thorstein Gaissbauer, an IT Service Provider in Vienna. 

We started off with a small interview after which he said I'm in. I was the first one in my class to get into the mandatory 3 month Internship.

During this time we developed a healthy friendly relationship which got me really motivated and even more excited about IT.

I learned a lot about the topics covered during the study including a lot of extras, shaping my interest critical thinking.

After the mandatory months I decided to stay (With his permission of course), Best-Decision-Ever!

I gained knowledge, had hands on practice, got more responsibilities and foremost respect for my effort.

After graduation I started looking for more opportunities but until then Thorstein and I operated together for almost a year an a half, I left right before relocation to the Netherlands where I started my professional career.

During my time as Intern in Gaissbauer EDV I enhanced my knowledge in the following :

  • Windows Servers - AD, DNS, DHCP
  • NAS Storage
  • Hypervisors
  • Bitdefender AV
  • Networking
  • Computer HW
  • MDM
  • Face-to-Face with Costumers

Thanks to the hard work, dedication and support from Thorstein, this experience is the reason why I am where I am today - without it, I'd have a harder time getting my job at IPsoft.

IPsoft - Backup Administrator

My education was coming to an end and thus began my search for a job, I was focused on the Netherlands since this is where I knew I wanted to move to, the fact I had a Girlfriend living there by that time was a bit of an extra boost, let's be honest...

Now let's speak numbers for just a bit, I sent out about 50 applications within Vienna for different Junior positions - out of those I only got a reply on about 12, while only having 2 interviews after which there was complete silence.

In the meantime I also sent about 5 applications for positions in the Netherlands, 2 declines, 1 without an answer and 2 interviews one of which I passed! - So much for numbers.

After a few exhausting bus rides from one city to another to save the buck, a contract was signed, starting date was arranged and I was ready to begin.

Finding an apartment was luckily easy, I had a friend living in the area to which I moved into together with him - a friend I met online on 9gag (Sorry for talking to strangers online mom).

So back to the job - I was the second member of a newly built team in a company located in one of Amsterdam's Business areas, things went great, I was bombarded with a lot of new information, the real deal they don't teach you in College, digesting it took a while but I think I managed quite alright.

I had a great team with each person being different, I tried to get the best out of some and sometimes started seeing signs of competitiveness in myself which are still present to this day.

One day one of my colleagues at the time - nowadays a good friend, came up to me asking if I would like to join his PowerShell seminar to which I agreed without knowing what it really was, yet curiosity took over so I went with it (Free time from work!). Second Best-Decision-Ever!

Being the lazy person I am, I was introduced to the power of Automation using PowerShell, the language of Microsoft which luckily is what I work with.

Returning to the subject, after learning about PowerShell and its capabilities I started using it here and there at my daily work to get the hang of it, I put some of the session's theory in practice which at some point was really useful, I found out one of the backup applications we were using had a good shell integration, that's where I started noticing the true scope of working with it, some small administrative tasks I had to perform daily were replaces be a few lines of code and that saved time - which was put it in good use as started diving into more things.

In combination with PowerShell I got into Windows Servers even more, thus I started persuading another role - System Engineer, I made more time to get into this as I was a part of their sub-team. 

It seemed the company was growing  and things went well, people got in like crazy, every month more and more hands were shaken, "Hi, I'm Radion, nice to meet you, next!" - and so on.

After a few months things took a turn - it looked like changes were coming to all employees.

One Sunday evening I was home playing Battlefield 4, I got two emails, one on my personal and the other went to my work address, it was from IPsoft - saying they wanted to discuss my future in the company the next day already, I immediately grabbed my phone and started conversation with all the employees I could, almost all got the same message.

Monday morning, not raining nor cold, quite normal so I cannot romanticize it - 08:00 I was at the building along with my colleagues, you can imagine the mess so I'll spare that for you, yet realizing things are not going good I talked with everyone I could gather and got their number, eventually I created a group and dropped everyone in which was a total of about 25-30 people, guess the name of the group - Hint: Starts with "IPf" ends with "ed".

I gathered the facts, got in contact with a colleague who had a lawyer friend , got in touch with Trade-Unions and  ended up arranging a meeting with a special lawyer who dealt with such cases, I then gathered all the people from the group and explained our situation and possibilities and after that we all went to meet the Trade-Union lawyer in person, thanks to him a lot of people managed to get a good advice on the situation and are now happy in new positions - elsewhere.

During my time in IPsoft put my theory in practice and enhanced the following:

  • Windows Servers and OS administration
  • Alerts and monitoring
  • Traps Antivirus
  • PowerShell and automations
  • Large Virtual Infrastructures
  • Backup softwares: Networker, Backup-Exec, Dataprotector

Those are just some highlights, besides that there were a lot of other things which you can always find on my LinkedIn page.

Sentia - Jr. System Engineer/ Continuity Engineer

After the situation in IPsoft I started looking for a job and I found Sentia.

That was a short stay - I did not click with the company and prolonging the stay would not make it any better.

But I did learn a lot and had the opportunities to try my PowerShell and automation skills and put them in action which I did on an almost daily basis!

I met new people some of which we are in contact until this day, had an interesting client with puzzling tasks that made sure to keep me challenged throughout my time working with it.

Overall during my duty there, I realised the importance of communication in a company and my preference of a work environment.

I also had more insight at a local culture of work due to the lack of expats, I discovered some interesting facts about the difference in having and not having them in your workplace, one might be missing out on a lot of good things that come  along!

During my work at Sentia learned and improved:

  • Windows Servers
  • PowerShell
  • Nagios and Zabbix
  • Office365
  • Identity management
  • Automations

After leaving Sentia I went to a seminar, of which Invitation I received when I was browsing my Spam from a company I applied for when going through the issues at IPsoft, at the seminar applied myself and got a position.


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